Brown University, 1989-1993
BA, Media and Culture


Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, I attended Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island where I majored in Media & Culture and took courses at the Rhode Island School of Design through the Brown/RISD exchange program.

After that, beginning In 1993, I spent the next 18 years in Los Angeles, specifically in Venice and Malibu, where I embarked on a career in film editing after landing my first job out of college with Spot Welders/Venice as their office manager. Later, as a freelance assistant editor there and elsewhere, I witnessed firsthand the industry’s transition from non-linear to linear editing and still opt for AVID as my platform of choice. Under the tutelage of some of the industry’s foremost editors, I laid a solid foundation from which to edit full time, which I have done since 1998.

In 2011, my husband, a hell-ski guide and area manager for Canadian Mountain Holidays/Revelstoke, and I moved our two young children back to my hometown of Denver. When asked why, the standard – and truthful – response is “cost of living, family and education, not necessarily in that order.” I have thoroughly enjoyed delving into the Denver market and forming strong professional relationships, as well as maintaining a solid base in Los Angeles where I have so much history, good friends and clients. I am easily transportable and open to traveling anywhere to work or simply editing for clients remotely from Denver.

My background is in commercials and music videos, but as is common in that genre, projects often extend to longer formats such as documentary and film. We are fortunate as commercial editors to straddle two industries – advertising and film – and to collaborate with inspiring creative minds in both. Two mantras of one of my early mentors and dear friends is that ours “is a business of personalities” and that “you are only as good as your last job”. I constantly remind myself of these two mission statements and strive to adhere to them.